Importance of Online Mentions Tracker for Businesses

Importance of Online Mentions Tracker for Businesses

Currently, the best way for brands to know how the audience perceives them is to use a mention tracking tool. By tracking mentions we mean when someone mentions one or more relevant keywords online. It can be CEO’s name, brand name, product name, competitor’s name, etc. You can also find social media mentions, forums, media outlets, etc.

Mentions on social media platforms are known as social mentions, and social listening is the process to track social media mentions tracking.

Currently in the highly competitive business environment, ignoring track of social mentions is not worth it. Social listening and media monitoring tool not only acts like an online mentions tracker but also lists useful reports and analytics.

Mentions and Their Metrics

Social mentions are references to products, hashtags, brands, people, etc. They can be seen in social media posts, blogs, articles, and other types of content online.

With each mention these tools calculate four key metrics:

  • Reach: With reach, you get estimated people who saw a specific mention. The case above mentioned shows that 313 is the number approximately.
  • Interactions: They also indicate the number of people who commented, shared, or liked a post.
  • Rate of engagement: This shows the percentage of people who interact with the post after they see it (comments, likes, and shares). You calculate them after dividing interactions with the Reach.
  • Influence: The score of influence shows the source of influence. It shows how influential a certain source is when compared to other internet sources.

Why Tracking Mentions is Important?

The common perception is that an online mentions tracker is worthy only for marketing and PR professionals. Mention tracking is a vital part of all PR and marketing professional’s jobs. However, other departments also get advantages of tracking mention alerts.

For example, customer support departments use online mentions tracker to improve customer satisfaction, while the sales departments track mentions for finding new leads.

Improving Services or Products

Even though customer feedback is harsh sometimes, you should not ignore it. It’s free advice to improve the service or product. Also, customers like when their feedback is heard. Due to that, they’ll continue as your customers despite previous inconveniences.

Social listening tools and media monitoring lets you know in real-time whenever someone mentions you on the internet. That way you can quickly react to the customer’s posts and properly answer their queries and acknowledge their feedback.

Boost Awareness and Brand Reputation

Besides brand protection, social listening and media monitoring tools help in getting a better brand reputation and spreading awareness.

Also, such tools help in finding the right influencers, measuring the success of communication efforts, provide with content creation campaigns and inspiration, and so on.

Scope In New Markets

Businesses that are looking to expand into new markets must track social mentions from the market can be useful. After tracking social mentions, you can find whether a product or service should be in a certain market. Also, you can test how people react to the service or a product and decide whether expansion is good or not. The best thing about market research with social listening and media monitoring is that it is less costly compared to other ways and it is possible to do from the office.

After collecting mentions don’t forget to make reports and analyses to get the whole picture. If you’re running a campaign, you’ll want an online mentions tracker in the campaign and analyze them to make necessary modifications. Also, after you’re done with the campaign, you should analyze the campaign as a whole and know what were your weaknesses and strengths in the journey. With these methods, you have a comprehensive overview of the efforts that are helpful for future campaigns.

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