Things Waste Disposal Companies Must Look At

Owning waste disposal companies isn’t an occupation that is pretty and neither is it any more easy. It needs the existence of trained staff and great gear that can manage waste of any type which is created in any industrial, commercial or residential region. Neither can any work waste being created or be done with no kind of damage. Yet the true efficacy of work origins of how good surplus and the waste are handled and disposed. Yet getting things isn’t always recommended. Getting a waste disposal company to do your work is that good an idea. Why? Because there might not be impossible waste reduction strategies that you may have missed out on. An effective evaluation of the waste might let you know how often you should choose drain clearance or much byproduct is created that may be used for other procedures. There are residential places where professional waste disposal can be used and variety of Industrial.

Cesspool or a septic tank is a little sewage treatment system for houses that not any lines to the main sewage system. Do care treatment inside it and it’s as much as the home owner to pump it out. This really is to make sure sludge create and will not collect blockages. All makes it condition hazardous to say the least and disposed waste floods back to the home. The cesspool must be emptied correctly for a home of five individuals. An invaluable and life saving disposal process. It’s used on websites where there are petrol, oil or other hazardous contaminants.

So that there’s no contamination of drainage system such pollutants must be removed frequently from interceptor chamber. This needs operatives which can be completely trained in safe working procedures and servicing techniques, ensuring that servicing is carried out quickly to the operation of the facility with minimal interruption. Bio-treatment plants: Because of the high quantity of waste they need lots of quick disposal and waste management. So a substantial bulk of work for management specialists and waste disposal happens at Bio-treatment plant.

Sewage Pumps: The work will need one to recover the pumps from your sewage. These are powerful and very sophisticated systems that need repairs by individuals that are qualified to prevent an upsurge of sewage on account of pressure imbalance. As you don’t need the lines to cave in and interrupt the flow working with them is also a volatile occupation. Additionally this volatile and a long work as you can’t remove line sections with welding machines or routine blow torches. The reason being carbon monoxide and methane gas gets discharged from your sewage and they’ve been inflammable.

Getting Ducts Cleaned – Not Easy As You Think

Professionals from Air Duct Cleaning Edmond are in an extremely competitive marketplace. What this means is there are great cleansers out there who is not going to waste your time. Unlicensed individuals do duct cleaning too. These are those you shouldn’t cope with. Without any legal recourse against them, you’ll be exposed, in the event of any errors. It’s also advisable to check whether the cleansing agents possess the appropriate kind of gear for the work They consist of cleaning agents and vacuum cleaners, brushes including sanitizers. Always make sure you discuss the charges. Get it done when there is room for negotiation. On employing a company for duct cleaning services below is a detailed guide.

Hire authorized contractors. You can find many of these whose forte is remediation of mold. You’ll see the room becomes stuffy, for one to understand that the ducts and ports desire cleaning. This can be a definite sign the ducts are obstructed. Either, what ends up in your house or really small quantity of clean air is getting through has already been contaminated. They are going to do a shoddy job then demand which you pay them additional. Particularly where they may be working away out of your perspective, they’re going to scrape through rapidly making some dust particles in the ports. In a hour or two, they are going to have ended. The duct cleaning exercise that is proper takes several hours.

The system is set at a pressure which is below standard. As the ducts are cleaned, the vacuum cleaners suck debris. This ensures that soil or no debris finds its way back to your own house. All the soil is subsequently disposed off elsewhere. Before using sealants and sanitizers, you happen to be advised to consult with the applicable authorities like the Environment Protection Agency. They are going to provide additional guidance with this. It’s not bad to verify.

Sanitizers shouldn’t be used on surfaces which might be porous for example fiberglass. They may be used on ducts however. Yours is to locate the appropriate contractor, discuss a few things, concur and show the working place when they turn up to them.

Top Reasons To Call A Limo Rental Service

Individuals in Oklahoma love to take a limousine ride regardless of what the occasion. Because hiring a limousine service can be quite expensive yet, not everyone can manage a Limo rental OKC service on an individual basis. Putting the price variable aside, individuals just love to appreciate luxury and the relaxation provided by a limousine while. This post provides some guidance for those who are deciding to opt for a limousine service for the very first time in their own life. All the variables you should consider before you book a limousine service are explained by it.

Oklahomans love to enjoy life. This can be shown by their excitement with which they select for his or her transport needs for New York City limousine service. But they do thus, just after careful thought and preparation. If you’ve got never let a limousine before, you might locate it to be rather hard to make the correct choice regarding other details that are related and which size vehicle to hire. Here are several variables which you have to remember, should you consider hiring a limousine service. You must compute how many passengers who’ll be traveling with you before determining which specific version of vehicle to hire. This would be an incredibly efficient option for a little group. In case there are over 10 passengers, you then can choose an 11-passenger Mercedes Coach, or for a 14-passenger transportation van.

Request about any and the hourly fees. Negotiating just isn’t a bad idea as it can help you save lots of your hard-won money. You also need to inquire about any hidden costs including cost increases during weekends or Christmas and New Year period, when the prices usually are higher than during remaining year. Just after you’ve considered all these options, you should proceed and reserve yourself a limousine with Royal limousine service from Oklahoma City.

Responsibilities of a Locksmith

As as they can be comprehended by the title Locksmith making-of tresses and tips of each sort is the function of lock openers like locksmith from OKC. As as they can be comprehended by the title Locksmith making-of tresses and tips of each sort is the function of locksmith. He not only makes locks and the keys of the doorway of homes but the tresses of issues that were electric, automobiles also the tresses taken for safety functions are created with a locksmith. Tresses are perhaps not just made by them but additionally install perform and revampment for the people who are are locked-out. The locksmiths require a great deal of gear. All the locksmiths take vehicles for his or her gear. Several resources are needed for his or her function. Their resources were created in the manner they can enter automobiles and secure structures. They’ve additionally gear for the manufacture of tips plus they’ve also resources like analysis of the situation in safety gear and the electronic locks for additional functions.

Tresses of an office block, when a locksmith puts. He becomes an off ice default secure jones. Occasionally, he can have an additional pair of tips which he supplies get scenarios with haste therefore he can assist fast, or he might possess some document in regards to the look of the secure. A link with security-system is determined by the signal because of its starting. In the event of a difficulty a locksmith may assist in a method that is better. A locksmith generally perform 40 hrs in weekly. Weekends or nights might be contained. If he’s a workplace locksmith round the clock may be worked by him. He can be telephoned at nighttime in crisis scenarios. Some locksmith has retail stores plus they count on the sale of reducing locks and tips but all the locksmith sees work and the clients location there. It doesn’t make a difference what’s the state of the climate to get a locksmith. He must perform in most states. As you is on the go to open his lock of your home. Locksmith must open it in each type of climate if it’s the secure of window or out Door starting outside then. In the event the appearance current inside he is able to perform in a surroundings that is comfortable. A lot of folks teach as trainees that understand about electricity, building and safety. There’s absolutely no demand of it. Operating or getting expertise with an excellent locksmith can trains a great locksmith.

A locksmith that is good is the fact that who can fix the issue of each sort. It’s strongly recommended that to develop into an excellent locksmith it’s not worse till level 12 than his teaching on electrolysis could possibly be a strength for him, that you ought to get his schooling. Of carrying steel producing and expertise might show better in his career. The locksmith is an infinite commerce but some companies require apprenticeship to be finished. It’s constituted in universities where these are educated of 6000 hrs of employment. In the conclusion we may reason that locksmith is a career which demands working psychology that is tough dedicated Posts and honest man for the making in a way that is good. If you follow the right instructions and a small coaching, you can become someone like Okey Locksmith.

Online Marketing And It’s Strength

E-Marketing is the change of additional forms as it’s a specific observer or audience of advertising, and therefore, the scheme of E-Marketing is hardly same. The bonus of Internet Marketing OKC is the fact that answers are are not immeasurable therefore a business may ensure that their advertising funds is an investment, maybe not only investment property. It’s fast extremely powerful paced and additionally exceptionally quantifiable. Smart Web advertising confirmed with results, is supported with remedies and products, and starts with information. E-Marketing is transforming the face of advertising, as well as the perfect advantage of E-Marketing is the fact that 24/7 service which isn’t accessible in Traditional Selling.

Like speaking with kids searching in search engine marketing techniques and web marketers frequently may drop over they believe they are going to obtain when net marketers are trying to appeal to every one. IWSS or maybe not all Web Web-Surfers are exactly the same. It makes because to consistently release and follow trends available as e-marketing is among the quickest growing marketplace choices. Successful Web Marketing is every thing on the web, as well as a business may possess the most effective merchandise on the world but they just don’t stand to be able to be successful if that business can’t get the word out regarding their merchandise. Online marketing is vital to the achievement of web sites. You’ll have a professional-looking website however, what good did it it do if the web site can not be found by web users. A “fundamental” strategy for achievement is Effective E-Marketing and is the essential element to internet success. Online marketing is difficult, and companies that do web design in Oklahoma City area are specialized for that.

E-marketing can also be called internet marketing or internet marketing and is the procedure for selling goods or a service around the world Wide-Web. E-marketing is a plan of action created by means of an organization or the web master of the web site of the business. This is always to develop the stability and a knowledge for the achievement of the business online. The Internet being started on by a company, E-Marketing is critical for finally driving revenue and raising consumer awareness. E-Marketing is neither easy or difficult. E-Marketing is a Company, not a spare time activity! The fact remains, E-Marketing is not difficult, and understanding the best way to get it done right therefore without operating round the clock, that the business may get more visitors and revenue from On-Line Marketing Efforts is the component that is difficult. The expertise in Online Marketing is utilized to transform a web site into a marketing device that is powerful. E-Marketing is the sole advertising system that permits this kind of achieve that is reachable and focused, as well as the web site of a company’s is their digital sales person which never rests.

E-marketing, (also called internet marketing, search engine advertising, Search Engine Optimization or on-line marketing) is essential in the current internet savvy world. Whether increase return on investment, a business needs to push revenue or attain best search engine positions, e-marketing is the key to the achievement of a business. The prevalence of E-Marketing is emergent quite fast in all kind of enterprise, and is the procedure for marketing a firm using media that is on-line. E-Marketing is here to remain as an integral part of the marketing-mix. E-marketing is important advertising for just about any business organization that wants to create a profit on the web. The variation between e-marketing and conventional is Internet and cash marketing enhances the base point of a firm.

Concrete Raising Data, Elevating and Backing for Business as well as Home Properties

Going flooring foundations of industrial as well as home constructions is becoming an issue that is very typical. For significant resolution issues that were real piece piers can be used in combination with froth treatment or stress grouting. Piers and hydraulically complex slab piers are installed to depths offering long-term assistance for deep-set by foundation repair Nashville through submerged cement. Piers give a restricted raise that allows a base repair company that is experienced support and to raise foundations in a standard synchronized procedure normally supplying the fix strategy that is many compressive potential. Normally, when piece piers are installed some kind of stress raise the piece in particular regions as-needed and grouting or mud jacking can be used to load emptiness.

Memory foam treatment has additionally become a productive and very well-known procedure to lift settled concrete by LevelUp Foundation Repair in settled concrete, concrete freeways and routes, link strategies, stockroom floors, pool decks and commercial as well as residential properties. Architectural foam treatment is generally more affordable than stress grouting and slab piers and has become increasingly more well-known within recent years as it might be less-invasive.

Froth makes now have mastered of creating a higher density memory foam merchandise, the chemical science. While concrete was settled by the most, typical thickness of memory froth for raising in business as well as residential properties is about 4 lbs. To make the product supply froth that runs in density, higher-density foams- 2 lbs to 8 lbs of froth is needed. Some requirements for froth to be energized under highway techniques and main roads need more froth- densities from 6 lbs to 8 lbs.

Memory foam is inserted through small holes drilled through the piece. Froth is inserted through these little openings under under great pressure lifting the piece where desired and filling emptiness. Furthermore, mud jacking and stress grouting has existed for decades, and it has been and continues to be a successful procedure for lifting ground stabilization and concrete foundations. This method uses an assortment of grout combinations with variants of ground blends and concrete, fly ash. Pressure grouting and mud jacking are generally associated with metal piers to lift and secure concrete. Dirt jacking a lot of times has been changed by memory foam treatment.

In scenarios where concrete foundations have resolved with load-bearing partitions causing the resolution issue under weight, there’s dirt jacking and no replacement or piece piers. Piece piers give a more permanent repair to restrain resolution issues on both industrial as well as home constructions. Energy Elevator has elevated constructions as much as 40-plus inches by dirt jacking and using piers, luckily many resolution issues aren’t that serious.

How Can “Big Data” Be Connected to the Exercise of Orthodontics?

Perhaps you have heard about the phrase “Big Data”? My guess is the fact that for several orthodontists the expression is probably a tad such as the phrase “The Cloud.” They might possess an overall notion of the theory, but will not be totally certain how it is likely to be significant to them or is. The truth is, there’s a powerful connection between both conditions that I am going to discuss later in this post. First, yet let us appear at “Big Data” on it’s own. In accordance with, “Big information is an umbrella term for just about any set of data sets so big and complicated that it becomes hard to process using on-hand information management tools or conventional data-processing programs.”

Among the demands of HI-TECH is that complete implementation of digital health records (EHRs) for most individuals is needed by 20-16. The demands of the work especially relate to health care providers who participate in the Medicaid and Medicare plans. Meaning that this requirement covers now few dental practitioners. Nevertheless, this will not imply that individuals aren’t being changed. Since 2009 hospitals and physicians all over the nation have invested billions of dollars, together with assistance from government subsidies, changing paper-based methods to digital digitally-based records. Huge levels of information that is precious are currently accumulating associated with patient-care. A lot of the info was gathered prior to the laws, however, in a document low-standard structure that had not been retrievable and readily aggregated for evaluation that was substantive. The worth of most of the rolled up information that was electronic is starting to be completely comprehended. Big data from all health care suppliers will be aggregated and software to assess the information are used to enhance efficacy patient-care, security, and the standard. Therapy practices are being examined by hospitals and better-informed therapy choices are being made by physicians on the basis of the last care of a large number of comparable individuals.

The element HI-TECH doesn’t particularly relate to the majority of orthodontists therefore why is this significant to us, as I said before? Several orthodontists have or are currently also in the procedure for changing their methods to electronic methods (without the help of the authorities cash). A number of of the orthodontic special applications sellers provide cloud established methods and here’s the place where “Big Data” and “The Cloud” bond. Only take into consideration how precious that advice may be to methods and our individuals. All the reports now, published in our periodicals include therapy examples of of less than 100. The bi-annual Journal of Best Orthodontist in Oklahoma Training Research usually utilizes the input signal to get a couple hundred study respondents (outside of a potential pool of over 8,000). Wouldn’t it be useful for us to understand the most effective kind of Class II corrector centered on the real measurements gathered from the preceding treatment of hundreds of sufferers handled in methods all across the world or the nation? Would not the information that your therapy occasions/sessions change considerably from the local or national earnings be not useless? There’s small issue that accessibility to “Big Data” stats may offer our career the ability to enhance treatment quality, security and efficacy for our individuals simply as it’s starting to do to help another areas of health care.

For further information on this data, contact Sky Ortho.

This is the first of a three part series on how internal evaluators can think about building their organization’s evaluation capacity and sustainability and is based on a talk at Eval13 by the same name.


Any evaluator, internal or external, working to incorporate evaluative practices into nonprofit organizations must engage a wide variety of staff and systems in the design, implementation, and management of those practices.  The success of those efforts will be decided to a large extent by how non-evaluators are brought into the evaluation tent, and how evaluation is integrated into administrative and service delivery systems.  But how do we even begin?

Starting from Scratch

There are three main steps to coming up with any kind of strategy, including a strategy to build evaluation capacity.

1)   Understand the context

Without knowing where you are starting, it is very hard to set realistic goals.  So before you even start on your journey to build evaluation capacity, you have to know what you are working with.  Get to know the people you will be working with, the restraints and requirements, the values and priorities of the organization.  Conduct a SWOT analysis.  Determine who your allies will be, where your largest barriers will arise.  What will the culture of the organization support, and what is anathema to it?  Much like a body will reject any transplant that is incompatible with it, an organization will respond poorly to an intervention that doesn’t resonate with its culture.

2)   Define your destination and your path

Saying you want to ‘build evaluation capacity’ is not a good enough goal.  What does that mean?  What does that even look like? And how are you going to get there? What are interim benchmarks you can use to determine progress?

I have found three general strategies that have worked well for me: (1) make sure leadership is setting clear expectations for staff participation in evaluation activities, and holding them accountable for it, (2) start working with the high performers and people who already ‘get’ evaluation to create easy wins and visible successes, and (3) focus on the priorities of the people with influence – by convincing them of the value of evaluation, they will begin to shift the center of gravity in the organization closer to evaluation values.

3)   Prepare the foundation

What is the bare minimum in resource needs for you to accomplish your goal?  (Hopefully you were clear about resource needs before you even took the job.)  This is going to be different for every situation, but we probably all know the feeling of not having enough resources to accomplish our goals.

For me, these things recently included: technology, training for evaluation staff, time commitment from people throughout the organization, and coworkers who would support me if I got backed into a corner.  Some of these things I had to get budgetary approval for, but most of them were more about building strong and trusting relationships.  I had to be transparent about my intentions and manage everyone’s expectations about what they were expected to give, and what they could expect to get from working with me.  The first couple of months were more about creating strong relationships than about doing any ‘real’ evaluation work.

Patrick Germain

Patrick Germain

What strategies have worked for you?  What have your pitfalls been when starting a new capacity building effort?

Next post, I’ll discuss how to create momentum around evaluation capacity building efforts.





Patrick Germain is the Director of Strategy and Evaluation at Project Renewal, a large homeless services organization in New York City and is the President of the New York Consortium of Evaluators, the local AEA affiliate.

At the American Evaluation Association’s annual conference in October 2013, I led a roundtable titled “The Conference is Over, Now What? Professional Development for Novice Evaluators.” We discussed ways that novices can deepen their knowledge, build their skills, socialize with other evaluators, and get involved in leadership positions. I compiled the notes here so more people can benefit from these resources.

Here are the best resources for novice evaluators:


aea365This is the American Evaluation Association’s daily blog located at You can read about everything from item response theory to slide design. Confession: I rarely read an entire post. Instead, I’m skimming the posts just to see the title, author, author’s organization, and the main gist of the content. This is a great way to stay up-to-date on the biggest trends in the field.

You should seriously write for aea365, probably 2-3 times a year, even if you’re new to the field. Just make sure you follow the contribution guidelines.

Affiliates and other organizations

AEA is the national-level mothership and there are more than 20 local and regional affiliates. You can find a full listing of affiliates here: Every affiliate is different. For example, the Washington Evaluators hold monthly brown bags, quarterly happy hours, and an annual holiday party. The Eastern Evaluation Research Society holds an annual 3-day conference. Other affiliates hold virtual book clubs, maintain blogs, or simply hold member meetings via teleconference.

You should join your affiliate. Seriously. The mailing lists are little nuggets of gold and worth every penny of that $25/year membership. The Washington Evaluators, for example, send job announcements almost every day, so you’ll always know which organizations are hiring and expanding. Don’t forget to attend the affiliate events too. (Sometimes people just pay dues but skip all the events, and then they don’t know why they’re not meeting anyone? This confuses me.) After a year, start planning small events yourself, like a brown bag. Then, join the Board.

Here are some additional reasons to join affiliates and ideas for getting involved:

data_community_dcThere are tons of additional evaluation groups. For example, the Environmental Evaluators Network, led by Matt Keene, holds forums for evaluators interested in environmental issues. If you’re in Washington, DC, the Aspen Institute holds quarterly breakfast panels focused on advocacy evaluation. At Innovation Network, we hold Ask an Evaluator sessions for nonprofit leaders. Tony Fujs and I also attend Data Science DC, Data Visualization DC, and Data Community DC monthly meetups. No matter your city, there are probably lots of events that fit your interests.


First, check out, run by Chris Lysy. Chris pulls in feeds from 60+ evaluation blogs so you’ll get exposed to a diverse set of perspectives. Chris even developed a daily email digest, so you can subscribe once to all 60+ blogs rather than monitoring your subscriptions to all the individual blogs. I suggest setting EvalCentral as one of your homepage tabs (along with your other must-haves like Gmail and Pandora) so it’s there every time you log into your computer. And again, I rarely read an entire blog post but I skim everything for the title, author, and main gist of what they’re talking about.

Second, check out AEA’s listing of evaluators and evaluation organizations who blog:

I started blogging after watching Chris Lysy’s Ignite presentation at the 2011 AEA conference. Here’s Chris’ Ignite, which outlines just a few of the infinite reasons why evaluators should blog:

Coffee Break webinars

Coffee Break webinars are just 20 minutes long, so they’re a perfect way to squeeze in some quick professional development in the middle of a busy work day. The best part? They’re free for AEA members. I like to sign up for topics that I know nothing about. After 20 minutes, I’m not an expert, but at least I’ve got a basic understanding of that flavor of evaluation.


Evaluation conferences include:

  • the African Evaluation Association’s conference
  • the American Evaluation Association’s conference
  • the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association’s conference
  • the Australasian Evaluation Society’s conference
  • the Canadian Evaluation Society’s conference
  • the Eastern Evaluation Research Society’s conference
  • the Environmental Evaluators Network forum
  • the European Evaluation Society’s conference
  • the International Program Evaluation Network’s conference
  • the Monitoring and Evaluation Network of Latin America and the Caribbean’s conference
  • the Oregon Program Evaluators Network conference

Do you know of additional evaluation conferences? Please link to them in the comments section below.

I also like to attend non-evaluation conferences to hear how non-evaluators are describing our work (they have completely different lingo and tend to value qualitative data way more than evaluators do).


An eStudy is a 3- to 6-hour webinar run by AEA. eStudies are like mini grad school courses because they go in-depth on a particular topic (as opposed to 20-minute Coffee Break webinars, which just provide an overview of a topic). eStudies are broken into 90-minute chunks and there’s typically a homework assignment between each segment to help you practice your new skills.

For example, I participated in an eStudy about nonparametric statistics in which the instructor covered about 20 different nonparametric statistics, when to use each one, and how to perform the calculations in SPSS. We even got to keep her slides, which were full of step-by-step SPSS screenshots. Almost two years later, I still pull out my eStudy notes whenever I need to use some nonparametric statistics.


AEA offers two journals, the American Journal of Evaluation and New Directions for Evaluation. Both of these journals are included with your AEA membership. What a steal!


These days, I can’t imagine an employer not doing a full internet search on new applicants. Make sure your LinkedIn profile has, at the bare minimum, a professional photo, your full work history (including dates), and your education history. You can also use LinkedIn to build your online portfolio (e.g., embedded slideshows from recent conference presentations, links to publications and projects, and your list of certifications).

Want to connect with other evaluators? Some awesome evaluation groups on LinkedIn include:

  • American Evaluation Association
  • Baltimore Area Evaluators
  • Chicagoland Evaluation Association
  • Eastern Evaluation Research Society
  • Environmental Evaluators Network
  • European Evaluation Society
  • Evaluation Jobs (a giant jobs board – great for job seekers and employers wishing to advertise for evaluation positions)
  • Evaluators Group
  • Indiana Evaluation Association
  • Ohio Program Evaluators’ Group
  • Oregon Program Evaluators Network
  • Program Evaluators Northwest
  • Michigan Association for Evaluation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Professionals
  • RTP Evaluators
  • New Mexico Evaluators
  • San Francisco Bay Area Evaluators
  • Southeast Evaluation Association
  • Washington Evaluators

Do you know of additional evaluation groups on LinkedIn? Share your suggestion in the comments below. Thanks!

Listservs, mailing lists, and newsletters

First, check out EvalTalk: This is a traditional listserv that goes directly to your email inbox. Subscribing to EvalTalk is a must (if only to watch the bloodbath as evaluators battle each other online). Make sure you adjust your settings so that you get a daily or weekly digest – otherwise you’ll drown in the sheer volume of messages.

Second, subscribe to mailing lists and newsletters specific to your client projects. Whenever I begin a new project, I search the client’s website and subscribe to everything I can (like their Twitter feed, email newsletter, and blog). As a consultant, I only see one slice of their work. Subscribing to all of their updates helps me get a fuller picture of their work, so I can make sure the evaluation fits their organization’s culture and needs.

Thought Leaders Discussion Series

AEA’s Thought Leaders Discussion Series is like a big message board to debate bigger-picture, theoretical issues in the field. Each series is led by a different person and has a different flavor.

Topical Interest Groups (TIGs)

Topical Interest Groups (TIGs) are known as affinity groups in other professional associations. You get to select five TIGs when you join AEA, and you can change your selection at any time. Each TIG is different–different sizes, leadership and committee structure, and different business meetings. I suggest attending business meetings for multiple TIGs at each conference. See which culture fits you best. After a few years, get more involved by running for a leadership position.


Just getting started on Twitter? Here’s my list of 275+ evaluators and 80+ evaluation organizations who are using Twitter. Use #eval13 to tweet about that year’s AEA conference (not #AEA13 – the poor folks at the American Equine Association will get confused). Use #eval for all your regular evaluation-related content.

There's a huge online evaluation community. What are you waiting for?!

Here’s Johanna Morariu’s social network map of the #eval13 hashtag. There’s a huge online evaluation community. What are you waiting for?!

White papers and other gray literature

There are approximately 8000 evaluators in the American Evaluation Association. I estimate that maybe… 5%?… aim to publish articles in academic journals. Most of us are practitioners and consultants (not academics, theorists, or professors). White papers and other gray literature are a great way to learn about our work, our insights, and our tips. For examples, check out and

Additional resources

What are your favorite resources? Which resources were most valuable during your first few years in the field? And, most importantly–do you have different viewpoints on any of the resources I described? Share your perspectives! I’ve presented one opinion and there are many more to add to the mix.

Note from Ann: Today’s guest post is from Johanna Morariu, Director of Innovation Network, AEA DVRTIG Chair, and dataviz aficionado.

snaBasic social network analysis is something EVERYONE can do. So let’s try out one social network analysis tool, NodeXL, and take a peek at the Twitter hashtag #eval13.

Using NodeXL (a free Excel plug-in) I will demonstrate step-by-step how to do a basic social network analysis (SNA). SNA is a dataviz approach for data collection, analysis, and reporting. Networks are made up of nodes (often people or organizations) and edges (the relationships or exchanges between nodes). The set of nodes and edges that make up a network form the dataset for SNA. Like other types of data, there are quantitative metrics about networks, for example, the overall size and density of the network.

There are four basic steps to creating a social network map in NodeXL: get NodeXL, open NodeXL, import data, and visualize.

Do you want to explore the #eval13 social network data? Download it here.

Here’s where SNA gets fun—there is a lot of value in visually analyzing the network. Yes, your brain can provide incredible insight to the analysis process. In my evaluation consulting experience, the partners I have worked with have consistently benefited more from the exploratory, visual analysis they have benefited from reviewing the quantitative metrics. Sure, it is important to know things like how many people are in the network, how dense the relationships are, and other key stats. But for real-world applications, it is often more important to examine how pivotal players relate to each other relative to the overall goals they are trying to achieve.

So here’s your challenge—what do you learn from analyzing the #eval13 social network data? Share your visualizations and your findings!