Assisted Living In Jericho NY: What To Look For When Choosing Assisted Living

Assisted living is perhaps the best option to go for as you get older or you’ve someone who needs to be looked after in your absence. While there are hundreds of facilities that offer assisted living in Jericho NY, not each one of them is not worth considering. When choosing the best assisted living service yourself or your dear one, it is very important to know about the things to look for and questions to ask when visiting different facilities. Remember that, assisted living comes in many forms, and just like any other thing, some services are better than others. In this post, we are sharing some questions that will help you in selecting the right assisted-living service.


8 Question To Ask An Assisted Living Facility 


Below are some questions to ask the assisted living service you’re visiting :


Are residents looking happy?


The best advertisement for a well-managed and attentive facility is the smiling faces of its residents. If the folks are looking stressed, withdrawn or upset, that facility is not good for you or your loved one.


Is the facility neat, clean and well-maintained? 


Again, you don’t want to live in a place which is dirty and unhygienic. Such places not only degrade the quality of living but can also impact your health.


Are stairways and hallways easy to navigate?


Are the areas well lit? Are the bathrooms non-slippery and have handrails? All of these factors decide the comfort and safety of the residents. So, look for these factors, especially if you’re looking for a long stay.


Is it pet friendly? 


Some facilities allow the residents to keep cats, dogs, fish and birds.


How many total common areas?


If the place is small and congested, there may be few chances to socialize and make friends. So, look for a home with more number of common areas so that your loved one can mingle and pass his free time.


Are there any transportation facilities available? 


Make sure to check whether or not the facility has a bus or shuttle service nearby. Some homes charge parking fees from the visitors as well as the residents. If there is transportation service available, this cost will cut down.


What are the policies regarding the personal belongings?


Some homes allow the residents to bring their personal furniture such as sofas, chairs, bookshelves, desks, while others already have well-furnished rooms. Many facilities offer on site storage for the items that won’t fit.


Are roommates allowed? 


You can cut down the assisted living cost by having a roommate. For this, look for the rooms that have enough space to accommodate two individuals. If the rooms are small and have limited space, consider not to share your space with anyone.


So, these are the points you should keep in mind while searching for the best assisted living services in your area. These questions will help you in finding the right facility for yourself or your dear one.


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