All About Property Management in OKC

Property management is the regular overseeing of residential, industrial, or commercial real estate by a professional contractor. Property managers are responsible for the repairs, maintenance, and security of all the properties that they are in charge of. If you are thinking of hiring an agency of property management in OKC, this is the perfect article for you! Read on to get all your queries answered.

What does the service of property management in OKC include?

Agencies providing property management services have a range of tasks to be completed. They need to take care of the daily operations and maintenance within the property they are responsible for. The responsibility of a property management agency are as follows:

  • Finding out the potential clients
  • Drafting the leases
  • Signing and renewing them
  • Maintaining the properties regularly
  • Arranging the necessary repairs
  • Fixing a budget and sticking to it for maintenance purposes
  • Collecting rent


How to choose the best agency for property management in OKC?


Value experience


The industry of property management is difficult to navigate. Experienced agencies who have expertise in this field are the best person to go to for all your property management requirements. Also, always choose a property management agency that concentrates on a particular kind of property.


Licenses and professional certifications


Make sure that the agency you choose has professional certifications and proper real estate licenses. See that all the licenses and certifications shown are current and valid. Competent and reliable property management in Norman OK will have all the required documents to show to their clients.


Go through feedback


Head over to the website of the agency. Go through the reviews and feedback shared by their current customers. You can also check several review sites to compare among different companies providing the same service. Ask your friends, relatives, or neighbors about such companies that they might have worked with. You can gain a lot of insights from their opinions and experiences.


Study the agreement thoroughly


Before you start relying on the agency, check the management agreement carefully. Read through all the clauses and ask for clarifications if needed. You can also ask for making amendments to the contract if you are not happy or satisfied with any of the terms. Sign it after confirming that you have understood and comply with all the conditions mentioned.


Check for insurance


Evaluate the property managers before you give them the responsibility of looking after your property. Ask them in detail about insurances covering general liabilities and property casualties. Also, remember to discuss Errors and Omissions policies. Feel free to about the required insurance protection.


What are the fees of the agencies providing services of property management in OKC?


Usually, property managers get a specific percentage of what is known as the ‘Gross Rent’. This is also called the ‘Management Fee’. This percentage can start from 6% and then go up till 12%. The percentage can also vary if the managers get other kinds of compensation like vacancy fees, coordinating rehab fees, or late fee retention.

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