Points to Consider at the Time of Picking a Bathroom Sink

Choosing a chic, family friendly and easy maintenance sink can lead to  lot of confusion as people often get stuck between a multi useful countertop basin or a classic pedestal one or a wall-mounted sink. Therefore, here is everything that shall help you choose the perfect sink for your bathroom.

Types of Sinks

  1. Pedestal Basin: These have a stand which hides all the clumsy pipe works giving a contemporary or traditional look (whichever and however you choose to place it) to your bathroom.
  1. Semi-Pedestal Basin: These are wall hung yet have a shorter pedestal which still hides all the plumbing ugliness behind it and the room looks more spacious.
  1. Wall-Mounted Basin: With the bathroom floor completely on show, this type helps you to fix the bathroom sink according to your or others height which is not possible I case of the above two.
  1. Free-Standing Basin: These elegantly sculpted pieces, captures more floor spaces of the bathrooms than the pedestal and the semi-pedestal sinks. Therefore, these are more appropriate for very spacious bathrooms.
  2. Counter-Top Basin: These designs are sleek and are fitted on top of a work surface or bathroom furniture (counter), which has the drawers and cupboards below which keeps the room clutter free. They come in a variety of designs such as; oval shaped, square or rectangular shaped or bowl shaped.

The other two varieties of the counter-top basins are, SEMI-RECESSESSED BASINS and INSET BASINS.

Materials Used to Make Basins

  1. Ceramic Basins: These are perfect for the family bathrooms as it is easy to clean the glossy surface and maintain it.
  1. Glass Basins: Though these are generally used as a countertop basin but make sure that you place them in the rooms where no damage is caused.


  1. Stone Basis: These luxurious basins are absolute favorites as a counter-top basin but are generally not used in family bathrooms. Do follow all the instructions of the dealer for fixing and maintaining it.
  1. Solid Surface Basin: These family basins are hygienic and easily maintained. These are the combinations of countertopand seam-free basins.
  1. Resin Basins: It is an affordable choice for a vanity unity. Since, it is lighter in weight compared to others; therefore, it makes the wall-hung vanity less heavy.

Bathroom Sink Purchasing Tips

  1. Make sure that the wall-hung basins are securely attached only to solid walls as a false wall cannot hold the basin for too long.
  2. A lot of basins come with pre-drilled tap holes which will lead you to choose between a single-lever tap and a monobloc tap.
  3. In case, there is no tap hole on the basin, then, you have to choose between a tall washbowl tap and a wall-mounted tap.
  4. Many contemporary basins do not have the facility of the traditional plug and chain designs for the wastes. Nowadays, the basins either have the pop-up design or the flip-top designs for the wastes. So, do choose according to your convenience.