Sugar Land Criminal Charges: All You Need to Know

Are you facing criminal accusations in Sugar Land? Do you want to know more about your rights? Are you looking for the best Sugar Land criminal defense attorney? If you are facing criminal accusations, you must be trying your best to present your case favorably.  You will get only one chance to prove your honesty in court. Therefore, you will have to consider hiring an experienced Sugar Land criminal defense lawyer. An experienced legal professional understands the legal complexities. You can expect the best help.

You should never ignore a criminal charge even if it is a minor one. You must not defend your case.  Instead, hire a lawyer. You do not understand the legalities, and that is going to impact the decision. In this article, we are going to cover some essential factors that might help you to understand your rights.

Categories of Criminal Accusations 

Criminal offenses in Sugar Land fall into two categories. These are felonies and misdemeanors. You will be charged under one of these categories depending on the circumstances. A felony is a serious crime. The charge can send you to jail for years depending on the severity of the charge. However, the misdemeanor is a less serious crime. It is punishable. You can be sent to jail. But the duration will not be more than one year. Within each classification, the consequences and the degree of severity will vary. For example, the punishment for the class C misdemeanor is fine only.

 What Is the Arrest Process?

The police will need an arrest warrant to arrest a suspect. Exceptions can be made when the crime will be done in front of the police officers. If you commit a crime in the presence of police officers, they can arrest you without an arrest warrant.

If you are detained and the officers are not willing to leave you, then it might be an indication that you are under arrest.  Even if the officer does not mention that you are under arrest, you will be considered under arrest if you are detained with handcuffs. It is worth mentioning that if the officers want to know about your involvement in the crime, you will have to answer intelligently. Your answers will be used against you in court. So, make sure that you are not giving any statement without consulting with an experienced lawyer.  The officers will not force you to respond if you want them to stop asking.

What Are the Rights of the Accused?

After the arrest, you will be taken to the magistrate without any delay. During this, the judge will tell you about the affidavits and accusations against you. You will have the right to remain silent and retain legal counsel.  You might want the presence of your lawyer during interviews. Also, you will have the right to terminate an interview whenever you want. You can ask for time to hire an experienced Sugar Land criminal defense lawyer. You will have the right to confront a witness and ask for a speedy trial.

You can talk to a Sugar Land criminal defense lawyer to know more about your rights and other legal complications.

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