Excel for Evaluation

Anyone and everyone can learn how to analyze their own evaluation data in Excel. I created these Excel for Evaluation video tutorials to share my favorite tips, tricks, and techniques with beginner-level and intermediate-level Excel users like you. Each video is 1 to 4 minutes long, so you can watch a few videos while eating lunch. You’ll be a data nerd in no time!

Data analysis is a process that consists of several steps. You need to teach yourself how to import your dataset into Excel, organize your spreadsheet, clean and recode data, look for patterns, calculate key statistics, and then show off the most important information in graphs and charts. I invite you to follow my tutorials to boost your skills at each stage of the data analysis process.

Coming Soon

  • Importing and exporting data between Excel, SPSS, and Access
  • Pasting between Excel and Word (Paste Special, transposing data)
  • Charts: Sparklines, how to adjust the colors and fonts in your charts
  • Descriptive statistics: Large, mode, quartiles, sumif and sumifs, sum vs. count, count vs. counta
  • Pivot tables: Refreshing data, double-clicking
  • Inferential statistics: Normalizing data with z scores, t-tests

Want to request a tutorial on a specific skill? Comment below or email me.