These extra tricks are the icing on the cake. Don’t underestimate the power of these time-saving formulas.

How to use the & operator

Combine content from multiple cells into a single cell.

How to use the month, day, and year functions

Simplify your survey’s timestamp data by focusing on just the details you need, like the month and day that the survey was submitted.

How to use the today and now functions


Generate random numbers.

Lower, upper, and proper

Use =lower to transform uppercase letters to lowercase letters, use =upper to transform lowercase letters into uppercase letters, and use =proper for proper names.

Left, right, and mid

Use the left, mid, and right formulas to parse your ID numbers.

How to transpose data

How to find out which formulas are available in Excel

Students have been asking how I find out which formulas are available in Excel. In this video, you’ll learn three ways to find out which formulas are available in Excel: 1) the autosum icon, 2) the formulas tab, and 3) the function bar.