How Much a Dentist Charge in OKC

Though dental care is required to everyone at any point in time but most people do not want to cover it in their insurance plan due to its additional cost. In this situation, you will have to pay the cost of dental treatments from your pocket. So you must know the cost of various common dental procedures charged by the dentists in Oklahoma City.

Cost of routine check-Ups: The cost of cleaning teeth and routine checkups can vary depending on various factors like the location of the clinic as well as you reside etc. However, the average cost of check-up including x-rays, examination, and cleaning in Oklahoma City can be nearly $290.

Cost of filling: Though fillings can be more costly than the routine checkups still it is important to protect your teeth for long by fixing cavities. Normally the cost of fillings remains stable but they can vary depending upon the type of filling used like:

  • A single filling with silver amalgam, the cost can be from $50 to $150
  • A single filling with tooth-colored composite, the cost can be from $90 to $250
  • A single filing with porcelain or cast gold, the cost can be from $250 to $4,500

However, the price of filling can increase if it is difficult to reach due to any other complication.

Cost of extracting tooth: A tooth can be extracted surgically or non-surgically as no one can repair it. The cost of tooth extraction can vary on the basis of the difficulty level and length of visit. Moreover, anesthesia is required in surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. An average cost of extracting the tooth in Oklahoma City can be:

  • Extracting gum erupted tooth non surgically the cost can be $75 to $300
  • Extracting tooth surgically by using anesthesia the cost can be $150 to $650
  • Extracting the complicated tooth and soft tissue surgically the cost can be $185 to $600
  • Extracting wisdom tooth the cast can be $75 to $200

The cost of extracting an impacted tooth can be up to $600 depending upon the location of the tooth.

Cost of crowns: Fillings are used to obstruct the internal damage of the tooth but to protect its external part a Crown is used.  A crown can be used after giving a root canal treatment to the damaged tooth. However, the cost of crowning a tooth can vary on the type of base material used like:

  • A single crown of resin, an average cost can be $325
  • A single crown fused with porcelain, an average cost can be $825
  • A single crown cast fully by a noble metal, an average cost can be $775

Cost of Root Canal Treatment: Cutting root of the impacted tooth or root canal treatment is used for treating damaged, exposed, or infected roots of the tooth. The cost of root canal treatment in Oklahoma City can vary with the level of difficulty of the procedure like:

  • Removal of a single exposed root, an average cost can be $120
  • Removal of the root of a single residual tooth, an average cost can be $185

However, by purchasing dental insurance you can considerably lower the costs of dental care in Oklahoma City. You can avoid the upfront costs of dental procedures by choosing an insurance plan carefully.

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