Tips to Hire a Reliable Moving Service

Tips to Hire a Reliable Moving Service

Moving from one house to another isn’t an easy task. You have to pack your belongings, and then move them to the other location. This task will take days, and still, you will not be satisfied. But when you hire a professional moving team, you will get a better job done and in reduced time.

If you take the moving job in your hand, you need to pack things and move them all by yourself. It will be hectic work. While you can leave the job in the hands of OKC movers and they will give a satisfactory service. There are many moving companies in OKC, so how are you going to find the best one? Let’s find out in the below points.

Estimate the things you want to move

It can happen that some items you want to carry with you, and others will travel in the mover’s truck. You need to do this task before the moving services in OK arrive at your home. Make a list of things you want to stack in the truck and the safety measures for them. Once you have jotted it down, you can give it to the movers.

Avoid paying large deposits

Reputed Oklahoma City companies will not ask for a deposit before the main work. You need to look for an agency that only asks for the charges after the moving is done. If you make the mistake of giving a large or even small deposit to the company, the chances are they might never show up at your doorstep. Therefore, you need to be aware of such frauds and choose a company that only asks for after-job completion fees.

Avoid companies that switch names

Some organizations do not want to get acknowledged by the Better Business Bureau, thus they work under various names. You need to make sure the moving services in OK have a local address and ask them about the license and insurance. Their staff will answer you by phone, you need to find out if they do the business in the same name, also check their state and federal license numbers before you decide to hire their services.

Avoid a blank contract

You must be aware of a blank moving contract; you should get everything in writing. The estimate of the moving cost, extra expenses, delivery, and pickup dates everything should be in the contract. Read the contract thoroughly and ensure your belongings are listed.

Report an issue

Did you find something missing, or wrong? Do you want to report a moving complaint? You have 9 months to file the problems with the Oklahoma moving companies and claim for the insurance. So, if you open a box a year later and find the item is broken and only the pieces are left, you will get no solution. On the day of moving, you need to open each box and go through them to see if anything is damaged. Check the mover’s copy of the bill before signing it. The company has thirty days to acknowledge your claim. Within one or twenty days of receiving the report, the mover can deny or offer compensation.


Look for these above-mentioned points, and you also have to report if there’s any problem you face with the moving team. You need to check for damage insurance policies of the company, so you get better and hassle-free service.

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